This fine vineyard was founded in 1847 and is run since in the same family for six generations. It is very nicely located 4 km south-west of Gaillac on the socalled « Premières côtes (Superior Hillside) » of this appellation (AOP Gaillac).

Our wines are elaborated in the spirit of natural wines and biodynamic agriculture respecting nature and its biodiversity, leading to excellent vines of highest quality.

Vins d’Autan à Simorre


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Vins d’Autan à Simorre

Pour la septième année, journée rencontre dégustation « Vins d’Autan » autour des Vins Naturels et producteurs artisanaux.

De 11h à 18h30 dégustation à SIMORRE (32420) place de la Mairie.